Half-Mad Holidon

Gregarious half-elf barbarian


Lean, threatening man who wears face paint and the blood of his enemies to hide his “half drow” heritage. Recently his eyes changed from an off-putting pearly white colour to an even more off-putting bright yellow “wolfish” coloration.

Watches over his friends as if they were a litter of newborn pups.

Violence is my answer to almost any challenge. “Alpha Wolf”

Mechanically, he is a 4th level 5E Barbarian with the Inspiring Leader feat and a Totem Warrior of the Wolf. He wields a warhammer and shield and is proficient in Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Athletics, Intimidation, Persuasion and Survival.

Recently he discovered a magical spear called the Pike of the Finder which will point to Forgehome, once daily.


Level 7 Totem Barbarian, Spirit of the Wolf, Aspect of the Bear

Hit Points: 68
Temp HP: 9
Hit Dice: 7d12
AC: 18 (16 without armor)

STR: 16 3], Save +6
DEX: 14 [
CON: 14 2], Save +5
INT: 8 [-1]
WIS: 10 [
CHA: 14 [+2]

Skill Proficiencies:
Acrobatics +5
Animal Handling +3
Athletics +6
Intimidation +5
Persuasion +5
Survival +3
“Drum” +5

Rage (4 times / long rest, +2 Damage, Resistance to bludgeoning, slashing & piercing, Adv on Strength rolls, grant allies advantage to adjacent foes with melee attacks)
Reckless Attack, Danger Sense, Fast Movement,
Totem Rituals (Best Sense, Speak with Animals)
Inspiring Leader (1 time / short rest, grant temp HP to allies equal to level + CHA bonus)
Extra Attack
Aspect of the Bear (carry 2x, Adv on STR lift checks)

Half-Mad Holidon

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